lapizza chiang mai one nimman

La ” Pizza” is a brainchild of  2  passionate Florentine men , Riccardo & Manfredi that wanted to continue the tradition of artisanal bread making pioneered by Riccardo great grandfather in Florence in 1900.

Aristide was only 12 when he started his career very humbly as a shop boy delivering deliciously home made sourdough breads on his shoulders around the narrow streets of the center of Florence. Soon he became a master bread baker “ Fornaio “ himself and opened its own “ Forno”. Riccardo learned the art of making sourdough breads in the same “ Forno” where his grandfather started a century earlier and further developed his skills in baking delicious Focaccia and Pizza alla Pala. Manfredi has been involved in hospitality for over 15 years owning Hotels and Italian Restaurants both in South Pacific and Asia. Together they welcome you to “ La Pizza” in the beautiful square of the One Nimman shopping center.